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  1. Country City State for RSForm adds from elements which allows you to add pre-populated conditional drop-downs for Country, City and State form inputs.

    When a user selects their country, the state drop-down will populate with all fo the states in that country. When they select a state the city drop-down will populate with all of the cities in that state.

    The data is populated from the GeoData Solutions Rest API. Basic access is free and currently does not require any authentication. Just install this plugin and add the fields to your forms.

    This plugin ensures users submit consistent data. For example, some may submit "PA" or "Pennsylvania" as a state or even in many cases mis-spell a state or city. We built this plugin so we could eliminate inconsistent submissions when mapping address submissions to database tables of other extensions.

  2. Displays goods from the current category in the product card


    • Automatic output of goods - Yes \ No (items will automatically automatically appear in the specified place automatically)
      • Where to display products - tmpproducthtmlend (If you do not know the jshopping triggers, do not touch this option)
    • How many products to display - default 6 (Limit the number of items displayed)


    The default file is located here

    You can override the output of the plug-in for this, you need to create such a structure in your template
    /templates/your_template /html/layouts/plugins/jshoppingproducts/currentcatproducts/default.php

  3. Joomla VirtueMart Geolocation Currency Converter - Joomla VirtueMart geolocation currency converter is a plugin that makes simple to understand the pricing of online store product for all your international buyers. It is based on the logic of buyer’s IP, based on that IP the plugin can identify the buyer’s country and accordingly currency change option is available.

    Please Note: If the admin has not added any specific currency let us say Naira( Nigerian currency) well in that case if some international buyer from Nigeria when tries to convert the store's product price in Naira then plugin will display the error message " Store does not approve this currency for the transaction"

    - Automatically detects visitors location.
    - Changes store currency based on visitor's location provided currency is enabled by store.
    - Provides an interactive modal for currency conversion.
    - Option to show an error message or default currency when location could not be detected.

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

  4. Billboard is a Mobile-Ready (Responsive) module that displays a billboard on your site, with custom sizes, backgrounds and logos, titles, slogans and descriptions, readmore links/buttons and more (soon video).

    Compatible with Joomla 4, 3.9 & 3.8.
    Compatible with Joomla 1.6.0 or higher
    Compatible with PHP 7 & PHP 5.
    Package Info: Ready for initial installation or upgrade.


    • Mobile-Ready (Responsive), HTML5 Valid, uses CSS4/CSS3.
    • SEO friendly.
    • Multilingual site compatible.
    • Twitter Bootstrap compatible with options.
    • You can set the background color, upload an image, choose one from your images folder or use External / Internal URL.
    • URI Versioning option for all images.
    • You can include your Logo as a separate image from the background image with custom Alt-Tag with options.
    • The Title text can be either custom, your website's name or can be disabled.
    • You can set a Slogan that will be displayed below the Title.
    • A Description text can be set with characters limit and other options.
    • You can set a custom height and width to be Full or use a custom width separately for the whole module or the inner container.
    • You can choose the position of the container and set the layout to have rounded corners.
    • Two different buttons/links can be used as Read More buttons, with their own separate options.
    • You have the option to Show/Hide a bottom line border as well as set it's color and height.
    • You have options for the Link(s) to be, a Joomla Menu Item, a Custom URL (Internal or External), or your homepage.
    • Links can have their own Target (parent window / new window).
    • Local URLs can be Scheme Relative, Absolute or Relative.
    • You have options for the URLs Scheme.
    • Absolute Domain (FQDN) option for full control.
    • You can enable or disable the Module CSS.
    • Optionally prepare the content with the Joomla Content Plugins.
    • Uses the native Joomla! Update System (You can upgrade to the latest version directly from your website).
    • Server Version Check and Release Notes through the module.
    • All fields are translatable through the Language Manager.
  5. MercadoPago payment plugin for VikRentCar

    This plugin integrates MercadoPago payment gateway with VikRentCar component. This plugin, automatically integrates to your VikRentCar component in a way that the administrator simply installs the plugin and after some quick simple configuration steps, gets a full fledged payment gateway. With MercadoPago, you can provide lots of payments methods to your customers.

    MercadoPago supports the following countries:


    Install Instructions:

    Install it using joomla installer
    Create and configure payment method in VikRentCar (Components->VikRentCar->Global->Payment Methods->New)
    Set Payment Name as you like
    Set Published to yes
    Set File Class to mercadopago.php
    Set Client ID
    Set Client Secret
    Set MercadoPAgo Currency
    Click Save
    Set the "Client ID" and "Client Secret" provided by MercadoPago. You can get your credentials through this link and then, click on the button "Obtener credenciales", finally, you may select the correct country according to your MercadoPago account and it will display your credentials

    IPN Instructions:

    To be able to use the IPN functionality, note the IPN URL generated by the plugin when you fill out the configuration